A Great Bathroom Makeover

Steps For A Bathroom Makeover.

The bathroom is a highly functional room in the house. Without it, well you can just imagine how difficult life must be. Unfortunately, it is often neglected when it’s time to redecorate with the misconception that it is a tedious and expensive task. This article will prove otherwise…

Cleanup and Dump Whats not being used and in the way…

To initiate the makeover of your bathroom, it is necessary to decrease clutter. Take everything out of your cabinets/vanities and counter tops. Go through all the products and decide what you need. The items that are a must have store them temporarily in a spot where you can easily store find them later. Everything else you don’t need get rid of it. Figure out a plan to get organized. Next, you will head to your favorite discount store for storage devices.

Look for plastic boxes, storage bins, drawer dividers, and clear cosmetic bags. These can come in different colors so if you find a set you love consider adding their color scheme to your bathroom.

Towel bars will be a great addition also. It is amazing how much adding a towel bar can change the bathroom. If you have the space available, put up a bar for each person in the family. This is a way for you and you family to remember which towel belongs to whom and which towels are clean or dirty.

When you hang the towel racks be careful where you place them. Do not place racks to close to heating vents. When the towel is hanging, you don’t want it right over the vent. If you do not have room for towel racks, another option is to buy some decorative hooks to go by the shower. These can be used to hang robes as well as towels.

An area rug that matches the bathroom’s motif is an instant decorative winner. It does not only prevent slipping accidents, but it also makes the bathroom look more welcoming. Unlikely? Not so. Every room in the house should be an inviting and comfortable space, and the bathroom is no exception. With a soft fabric for your feet and pleasing color or design for your eyes, an area rug is a must have item.

Because changing the flooring costs a lot, a good cleaning and the addition of an area rug will make the bathroom look good as new. Even better, you’ll have fabric that will absorb spilled water on the floor from your showers, and that will keep your feet warm from the cool tiles. Be sure to purchase an area rug with the right size. If you have a big bathroom, then the size isn’t a problem, but if there’s limited space, make certain that the rug fits right on the spot.

Finally, stenciling is a creative way to upgrade your bathroom from plain to chic. You can stencil patterns on the walls, mirror, ceiling or window. You can also repaint or polish the cabinets for a brand new look.

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