How to paint grout successfully

How to paint grout successfully

What are the advantages of painting grout tile? Over time, tile can look dated. As for color trends in home decorating come and go, it is easy to guess when the tile was installed. Harvest gold or olive green may have been all the rage years ago, but now they look dated, and many times, unattractive.

Removing ceramic tile can be an expensive and messy process that is difficult for many people. A much easier and far less costly option is to paint over the tile only.

Painting grout tile is quite simple. The only caveat is that the title should not be in an area which is frequently wet ( such as around a bath or shower ) because the paint will start to peel very quickly.

The first step is making sure the surface is very, very clean – paint and glue will adhere best to clean surfaces. This is all that requires being done before painting begins.

An oil or epoxy paint will stick to the tile the best and will last the longest. Semi- or high gloss paint looks the best.

After painting grout tile, creative touches ( such as stenciling ) can be added. Or for a nice look, you could paint the grout a contrasting color to make the job look more like new tile.

A few days after all painting is done, the area should be coated with a layer of urethane. This will protect the paint and perform it last longer.

One more advantage of painting tiles – if something goes terribly wrong during painting, it’s always possible to redo it.

Painting grout ceramic tile offers more options than redoing a tiled area. Paints offer a much wider variety of colors than tile. So if a wall was freshly painted, the tile could be coordinated correctly using the same color of paint.

If the home’s residents no longer like the color of the tile, or if the room is being remodeled, it is a very quick and inexpensive process to paint over the tile.

The grout paint also acts as a sealant to prevent liquids and dirt from being ground into the floor which causes further discoloration.

If you are studying for an economical way to clean and maintain your tile floors, then give grout paint a try, you’ll be glad you did.

And finally, painting grout is a great option for people that are either buying or selling a home. Dated tile work in a bathroom or kitchen can be a big turn-off for buyers. Only spending a weekend and a few dollars painting tile can improve the chances that a home will sell.

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