The eight step remodeling home guide



If you love to remodel and decorate then you may enjoy transforming your house. Remodeling can however be costly and time consuming so it is important that get things right by getting your hands on the right tools and resources



1. Conceptualise

Make sure you have a clear concept of what your home should look like. Try not to go in blindly. Know exactly what you want your house to do for you. With this clear picture in mind, you’re ready for the next step.


2. Have a budget

No matter how grand your dreams are, they must fit into your budget. Make sure that you create a budget that you can work with. If some of the items in your concept cannot fit into your budget, then you may need to do some tweaking to ensure that you don’t go broke after your remodeling is done.


3. Select your team

You will need a contractor, an electrician, an architect, plumber and an interior decorator for your project. Usually, if you find one of these, they will link you up to the others but in order to get the right contractors and workers, you may need to ask for recommendations from your family members, friends and work colleagues.


4. Get Various Quotations

Talk to several contractors, let them have your plan and ask for a quotation. You can then compare notes from all of them and choose who is offering you more value for money.


5. Have a schedule

It is important that you create a schedule for your project to avoid confusion and unnecessary delays due to improper planning. Have a clear plan of the step by step process of the project and try to stick to it.


6. Sort out your paperwork

Your contractors will need to sign contracts and terms of service and usually it will fall on you to provide the appropriate documentation. If this is done properly, you may be saving yourself a lot of hassles if a contractor decides to breach some of the agreements.


7. Inspection

Be sure to keep track of the progress your contractors are making daily. Also, ensure that nobody is cutting corners and that the right materials are being used.


8. Obtain all appropriate permits and documentation

Depending on where you are, you will require a building permit from the city, county or state. Ensure that you get this properly sorted out before your remodeling commences to avoid having problems with the authorities once the work commences.


Remodelling can be a lot less easier if you take your time to plan for it and carry out a thorough and proper research.

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